Kallol Roy


Kallol Roy is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu, Estonia. His research interests are Deep Learning, and Large Language Models.
I work on Large Language Models (ChatGPT) to solve contemporary problems in different research areas.

Areas of Interest

Deep Learning
Large Language Models
Self-Supervised Learning
Non-Convex Optimization
Data Structures

Institutions & Positions

Dec 2019 - Now Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence
University of Tartu, Estonia
Mar 2018 - Oct 2019 Postdoctoral Researcher
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
Aug 2015 - Dec 2017 Postdoctoral Researcher
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Apr 2014 - Jul 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Oct 2013 - Mar 2014 Visiting Researcher
Poonaprajna Institute of Scientific Research, Bangalore, India
Oct 2012 - Dec 2012 Visiting Researcher
Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA
Jan 2012 - Jul 2012 Visiting Researcher
Indian Association for Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, India
May 2006 - Jul 2006 Visiting Researcher
SN Bose National Center for Basic Science, Kolkata, India
Jan 2005 - Jul 2005 Postdoctoral Researcher
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India


Jun 2014 Ph.D. Electrical Communication Engineering
Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India
May 2005 B.Tech. Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT K), Kanpur, India


Spring 2023 LTAT.02.025 Computational Imaging
Spring 2021, 2022, 2023 LTAT.02.001 Neural Networks
Spring 2021 MTAT.03.317 Special Course in Machine Learning: Neural Network Training Dynamics
Fall 2020, 2021, 2022 MTAT.03.238 Algorithmics



Modar Sulaiman Modar Sulaiman
PhD Student
September 2020 - Present
Thesis Title: Artificial intelligence bias to predict future criminals
University of Tartu, Estonia
Nesma Talaat Abbas Mahmoud Nesma Talaat Abbas Mahmoud
Ph.D. Student
September 2022 - Present
Co-supervisor: Osamu Shimmi
Thesis Title: Explainable Artificial Intelligence System from Microscopy Images for Cancer Mutation
University of Tartu, Estonia
Grete Küppas
Ph.D. Student (Industrial)
February 2023 - Present
Thesis Title: Artificial Intelligence for Muon Tomography
University of Tartu, Estonia
Wai Tik Chan Wai Tik Chan
M.Sc. Student
September 2022 - Present
Thesis Title: Interpretable Machine Learning building Representation Space of Neurons
University of Tartu, Estonia
Ritudisha Biswas Ritudisha Biswas
M.Sc. Student
September 2022 - Present
Thesis Title: Empathetic Chatbots for Healthcare Services
University of Tartu, Estonia
Kirill Rodionov
M.Sc. Student
February 2023 - Present
Thesis Title: Robot Navigation by Following Natural Language Directions
University of Tartu, Estonia
Ashraf Abbasov Ashraf Abbasov
M.Sc. Student
September 2022 - Present
Thesis Title: Image Segmentation with YOLO for Precision Agriculture Applications
University of Tartu, Estonia


Prakhar Srivastava Prakhar Srivastava
M.Sc. Student
September 2022 - March 2023
Thesis Title: Lensless Camera for Imaging
University of Tartu, Estonia
Kristiine Saarmann
M.Sc. Student
January 2022 - June 2022
Thesis Title: Exploration vs Exploitation of Chess Openings Learner with Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
University of Tartu, Estonia
John-William Mukose John-William Mukose
M.Sc. Student (Industrial)
September 2021 - June 2022
Thesis Title: Machine Learning for Predicting Electricity Consumption
University of Tartu, Estonia
Jose Rodrigo Flores Espinosa Jose Rodrigo Flores Espinosa
M.Sc. Student
September 2021 - June 2022
Thesis Title: Classification of Human Y Chromosome Haplogroups Based on Dense and Sparse Genetic Data Using Machine Learning Approaches
University of Tartu, Estonia
Alka Patel
M.Tech. Graduate Student, 2017, (External Supervisor)
February 2016 - July 2017
Thesis Title: Bayesian Machine Learning for Cyber Security
School of Electronics (Mobile Computing Technology)
Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, India


Artificial Intelligence to Predict Future Criminals
Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics
Machine Learning for Circuits Design
Machine Learning for Early Detection of Parkinsons Disease

Honours & Awards

2012 APS-IUSSTF Physics Student Visitation Award
2012 Microsoft Travel Award
2010 Sterlite Best Paper Award at Photonics 2010, IIT Guwahati
2007 MHRD Scholarship, Government of India
2000 Jawaharlal Nehru Scholarship, Steel Authority of India Limited

R&D related Managerial and Administrative Work

2018 − 2019 Program Coordinator, Center for Advanced Electronics through Machine Learning
CAEML, UIUC, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
2018 − 2019 Program Coordinator, Common Heterogeneous Integration and IP Reuse Strategies
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
2015 − 2017 Research Coordinator, Statistical Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL)
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
Ulsan, South Korea
2009 − 2012 Program Coordinator, Center for Advanced Electronics through Machine Learning
CAEML, UIUC, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Google Scholar Profile


Schierholz, Morten; Sanchez-Masis, Allan; Carmona-Cruz, Allan; Duan, Xiaomin; Roy, Kallol; Yang, Cheng; Rimolo-Donadio, Renato; Schuster, Christian (2021). SI/PI-Database of PCB-Based Interconnects for Machine Learning Applications [Masinõpperakenduste PCB-põhiste ühenduste SI / PI-andmebaasv]. IEEE Access, 9, 34423−34432. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3061788.
R Trinchero, M Ahadi Dolatsara, Kallol Roy, M Swaminathan, FG Canavero (2021). Inverse Modeling for the Design of High-Speed Digital Links via LS-SVM Regression,. 5th Workshop on Uncertainty Modelling for ElectroMagnetic Applications (UMEMA 2020). IEEE, 2 [forthcoming].


Schierholz, Morten; Yang, Cheng; Roy, Kallol; Swaminathan, Madhavan; Schuster, Christian (2020). Comparison of Collaborative versus Extended Artificial Neural Networks for PDN Design. 2020 IEEE 24th Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity (SPI). IEEE, 1−4. DOI: 10.1109/SPI48784.2020.9218157.


R. Trinchero, M. Ahadi Dolatsara, K. Roy, M. Swaminathan, F. G. Canavero (2019). Design of High- Speed Links via a Machine Learning Surrogate Model for the Inverse Problem. The IEEE Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems (EDAPS), December 16-18. 2019. IEEE, 3.
Kallol Roy, Majid Ahadi Dolatsara, Hakki M. Torun, Riccardo Trinchero, Madhavan Swaminathan (2019). Inverse Design of Transmission Lines with Deep Learning. IEEE Conference on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems (EPEPS), October 6-9, 2019. 4. IEEE, 3.
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Roy Kallol (2015). Quantum Algorithmic Engineering with Photonic Integrated Circuits. Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.


Kallol Roy, Biswajit Das, R. Srikanth, Bimalendu Dev, T. Srinivas (2012). Dynamical Decoherence Control of Atomic Spin Ensemble. 23rd International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP 2012) Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau, France. ICAP, 1.


Kallol Roy, R.Srikanth, T.Srinivas (2011). Decoherence Suppression by Parallelism in a Trapped Ion System. Current Developments in Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Nano Physics (CDAMOP 2011), New Delhi, India. CDAMOP, 4.
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Kallol Roy, Akshata Shenoy H., R. Srikanth, E. S. Shivaleela, T. Srinivas (2010). Kolmogorov Complexity Approach to Decoy-Based Quantum Cryptography. Photonics 2010, IIT Guwahati, India. SPIE, 1.


Christian Schuster, Technical University Hamburg, Germany
Pooyan Jamshidi, University of Southern California, USA
Purushothama Rao Tata, Duke University, USA


GScan GScan
AI for Atmospheric Ray Tomography Image Reconstruction
Tartu, Estonia
Yanu Yanu
Building Chatbots for Bartending Applications
Tartu, Estonia


2023 EAG304 Autonomous Mobile Power Generation Station Status: In Review
2023 PRG2046 The intercellular Amida Network and 3D Tissue Morphogenesis Status: In Review